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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm late, I'm late!!!!!!

I'm so far behind on my posting!  I have some new one coming up this week!  I have my window mistreatments to show and some new jewelry charms I've made! And a few other things as well!  So until R goes back to school on Tuesday and I can get the photos uploaded, happy blogging!

In His name,



  1. Hey Erin mama! I can't wait to see the mistreatement pics!!!!

  2. Thanks Kel! I'm trying! Been busy around here lately!!!

  3. Hi, Erin. (that's my daughter's name, too :)) Thanks for commenting on my blog. We have family in KY (near Danville) that we visit every Spring and Fall. We have such a good time! Can't wait to see your new post. I'm needing ideas for my windows. :)